BMB CSH Advance Karaoke Package


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BMB DAH-100 (100w x 2ch Bluetooth Amplifier)

This high-performance digital karaoke amplifier from BMB is designed in Japan to bring premium BMB sound quality to you. The microphone, echo, music, and master volume controls have all the essential mixing functions such as low, mid, and high adjustments. Several controls are available for fine-tuning, including individual volume control for each microphone, echo delay, and repeat.

Bluetooth lets you play music on your smartphone or tablet with excellent stereo sound via Bluetooth. An amplifier with a total power output of 200W, the DAH-100 delivers 100W per channel. With this, you can pair the BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speakers (optional). The BMB CSH-W200 8′′ Subwoofer has an RCA output for sending the correct subwoofer signal.

This amplifier features seamless AC input voltage from 100V to 240V, making it compatible with worldwide voltages. Using switching power supply technology reduces weight significantly, making the installation and moving to another location easier.

BMB CSH-200 (8″ 3 ways 3 Speaker 300w)

Each BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speaker cabinet contains a three-way, three-speaker system. Bass is delivered by two 8-inch woofers, mids are delivered by two 3-inch squawkers, and high frequencies are delivered by two 3-inch tweeters. BMB's Japanese-made paper cones are used on the speaker cones themselves. When paired with the BMB DAH-100 karaoke amplifier, these cones, with their special materials and construction, deliver BMB's premium sound.

BMB CSH-200W (8″ 300w Subwoofer Stand)

The BMB CSH-W200 Subwoofer is designed to enhance your sound system with strong bass. When paired with the BMB DAS Series karaoke amplifiers and BMB speaker systems, you'll get the best sound. The added bass will make your listening and performance even better while using this karaoke KTV system

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