BMB CSH Premium Karaoke Package


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BMB DAS-400 (150w x 4ch Amplifier)

The BMB DAS amplifier is designed to maintain a continuous 300-watt output without distortion. BMB's amplifier is built with a powerful and safe design so it can easily output at a constant 300 watts without any problems, as opposed to most other amplifiers on the market that may get damaged or cause distorted sound when reaching their maximum power.

BMB CSH-200 (8″ 3 ways 3 Speaker 300w)

This 3-Way, 3-Speaker system in every speaker cabinet is found in the BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speakers. A pair of 8′′ woofers will deliver your bass, while two 3′′ squawkers will provide your mids, and two 3′′ tweeters will handle your high frequencies. Paper cones, made in Japan, are used to make BMB's speaker cones. In combination with the BMB DAH-100 karaoke amplifier, these cones, with their special materials and construction, deliver BMB's premium sound.

BMB CSH-200W (8″ 300w Subwoofer Stand)

You can enjoy excellent bass from your BMB CSH-W200 Subwoofer. When paired with the BMB DAS Series karaoke amplifier & BMB speaker system, you'll get the best sound. The added bass will enhance your listening and singing experience while using this karaoke KTV system.

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