JBL 8124 4" 6W Ceiling Speaker


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The 8124 from JBL is a high-quality 4-inch full-range ceiling speaker that is cost-effective and ideal for commercial applications. In addition to its high fidelity performance, the 8124 has an easy installation process. With the system's high sensitivity drivers, maximum sound levels can be achieved with minimal amplifier power. In addition to its contemporary grill design and 70V/100V taps, the 8100 series brings elegance and performance to basic commercial sound systems, or to the installation of any sound system without requiring a backcan.

  • Clear, high-fidelity performance
  • Dog-ears for easy blind mounting
  • 130-degree coverage bare wire termination
  • Output wattage: 6.0 watt
  • High Sensitivity (93 dB, 1W, 1m) for Maximum Power Efficiency

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