JBL 8128 8" 6W Ceiling Speaker


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For commercial applications, the 8128 from JBL is a cost-effective, full-range, 8-inch ceiling speaker. With the 8128, you will enjoy the high-fidelity performance in a package that's easy to install. Using low amplifier power, the high-sensitivity drivers of this system deliver maximum sound levels. The 8100 series features a contemporary grill design, 70V/100V taps, and an open-back design, giving it an elegant and performance-driven appearance for basic commercial audio systems, or for any application that does not require a back can for installation.

  • Clear, High-Fidelity Performance
  • Dog-ears for easy Blind Mount Installations
  • High Sensitivity (97 dB, 1W, 1m) for Maximum Power Efficiency
  • 6W Transformer for use of 70V / 100V Distributed Lines

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