JBL CBT 50LA-1 150W Passive Column Speaker


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With Constant Beamwidth TechnologyTM, the JBL's CBT 50LA-1 presents a breakthrough in pattern control. It features analogue delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to achieve uniform vertical coverage without the vertical beaming and out-of-coverage lobing typical of the passive speaker.

The slim, compact design blends well with virtually any architectural design. The combination of excellent sound quality and pattern control, and compact (20.8" tall x 3.9" wide) design makes the CBT 50LA-LS Line Array Column Loudspeaker suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as retail stores, concourses, transit spaces, fill applications, conference rooms, architectural spaces, audio for video, lecture halls, and other applications where such a combination is desired.

The Music/Speech switch on the side of the cabinet can be adjusted to match the application. Flat frequency response is provided by Music, while Speech produces a mid-range presence boost to provide clear, understandable speech even at the longest throw distances.

  • Patent-pending Constant Beamwidth Technology™ provides constant directivity up to the highest frequencies and reduces out-of-coverage lobing
  • Switchable voicing provides flat response in music mode or mid-range presence peak in speech mode
  • Dynamic SonicGuard™ overload protection
  • Built-in 70V/100V transformer, plus 8 ohm direct capability
  • Swivel (pan) / tilt wall bracket included
  • Colour: black and white 

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