JBL CONTROL 19CST Ceiling Subwoofers With Transformer


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The Control 19CST delivers powerful bass from an in-ceiling design with advanced proprietary technologies. Control 19CST can be used to enhance the low-frequency output of any Control Contractor loudspeaker. This ceiling subwoofer offers high power handling and low distortion, making it the ideal addition to sound systems requiring a higher fidelity sound from ceiling speakers. Moreover, the acoustic low pass character of this design allows it to be augmented by a full-range sound system without requiring an external crossover or separate amplifier amp channel. This port design was originally designed for JBL's concert speaker systems to produce extended deep bass output. With a diameter of 200 mm (8 in), this transducer is constructed from pure butyl rubber for extended life and long excursion. A fully vented pole piece ensures low distortion. Apart from that, this speaker can be connected into a system in a number of configurations.

  • High-quality multitap transformer designed
  • A wide variety of listening situations
  • 42 to 200 Hz frequency range
  • 70V or 100V distributed-line systems
  • Ideal for reinforcing full-range speakers for foreground music systems
  • The back-panel attachment loop acts as a secondary support point

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