JBL CONTROL 24CT Ceiling Speaker


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With its high-power sound output, wide frequency response and low distortion, the JBL Control 24CT ceiling speaker boast high-class performance. In a space that is covered by 130° of speakers, there are fewer speakers that need to be installed. Besides, it features a 4-inch coaxial woofer with a butyl rubber surround and a 0.75" titanium coated diffraction-loaded tweeter. For use in either 70V or 100V distributed-line applications, it includes a 30W multitap transformer. Taps can be selected using a front-panel rotary switch. This ceiling speaker is effectively reduced to the speaker by the transformer, so overload does not pose a problem.

  • Extremely wide 130° coverage
  • High power, wide frequency response and low distortion Packaged with grille, back can and tile rails for fast installation 80W power capability
  • 4" woofer and 0.75" titanium-coated tweeter
  • 30W multi-tap transformer for 70V and 100V distributed-line systems
  • 7.2" depth from flush ceiling

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