JBL CONTROL C67HC/T 6.5" 75W Narrow Coverage Satellite Pendant Speaker


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JBL offers compact satellite pendant speakers called the Control 67HC/T that provide extended-range audio. In addition to the 6.5" woofer and silk-dome tweeter, it features a full grille that protects the speakers and lends the speaker a sleek look. The speakers are ideal for music and speech applications. Radiation Boundary Integration (RBI) is exclusive to JBL speakers, providing 75° of continuous conical coverage. In locations with high ceilings and reverberant sounds, this well-controlled narrow coverage enhances clarity. Sound systems that have an 8-ohm impedance and a 75W power handling capacity will be compatible with this speaker. Additionally, the powered speaker has a 60W multi-tap transformer for professional installations.

  • RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator Technology
  • Well-controlled 75° coverage for excellent clarity in high-ceiling and reverberant locations
  • 6.5" (165 mm) low-frequency with a silk-dome tweeter for outstanding sonic fidelity
  • High 93 dB sensitivity
  • 75 Watts, 8 ohms and 60W multi-tap transformer
  • Black or white

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