JBL Ki510 Karaoke Passive Speaker


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Three-way full range 10-inch speaker system. KTV applications are the focus of the Ki510 full-range speaker. This passive speaker features a 10" woofer, a 5" squawker and a 1" aluminium dome tweeter, and can handle continuous power of 350 watts. High-power 10" woofers feature a long fibre pulp cone and nitrile butadiene rubber surround, providing necessary stiffness and capacity to deal with the tremendous accelerating force of the motor. Using a 5" paper cone squawker and a 1" aluminium dome tweeter optimizes middle and high range reproduction, guaranteeing the highest level of sound quality. Also, the Ki510 from JBL looks bold and unique. This enclosure reflects the deliberate design of its three-way system with its asymmetrical, cool brown colour. Clearly defined outlines demonstrate the quality and performance of the speaker. Featuring a paillette fabric and a snow-flake grille, the front panel is highlighted with a rose gold strip. These features create an air of elegance and professionalism. As a symbol of JBL ENTERTAINMENT's addiction to technology, PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) technology is used to illuminate the company's logo. No matter how loud you sing or how still you listen to the music, you will clearly hear the JBL sound.

  • Designed for KTV applications, this is a true 3-way loudspeaker with full-range
  • 10" woofer with linear suspension and vented yoke reduces distortion and power compression
  • Improved mid-range vocal reproduction with a 5" paper cone squawker
  • High-frequency response is optimized by a 1" aluminium dome tweeter
  • The frequency response of this crossover is accurate and optimal
  • High-frequency drivers are protected against excess power by a built-in protection circuit without affecting performance
  • Designed to be installed to the side, the venting port allows for multiple installation options
  • This PSL (Passive Sound-Lighting) Technology demonstrates JBL's commitment to scientific progress

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