JBL MINKEZ KARAOKE PACKAGE 01 with JBL MK10 and Minkez KAMP-400 Karaoke Amplifier


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This Karaoke package 01 includes JBL’ s MK10 passive speaker and Minkez’s KAMP-400 Karaoke Amplifier System.

  • 2 x 400W

JBL designed the MK10 for KTV boxes as a 2-way full-range loudspeaker. The speaker uses a 10-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter to produce excellent acoustic performance, high power, low distortion, and remarkable acoustic-electrical conversion efficiency.

MK10 fuses edgy design with high-tech with its light-coffee colour palette, wave-like front grille, and luminous JBL Entertainment logo. An enclosure in light-coffee colour is made of durable vinyl and premium quality MDF. To mount the brackets, two high-strength M10 suspension points are provided. Printed on 16-gauge steel, the corrugated grille protects the components inside. Providing JBL sound's visibility is JBL's PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) Technology.

  • 10" woofer with an aluminium ring for maximum power handling, minimal distortion and ultimate power efficiency
  • The 3" paper cone tweeters provide an excellent high-frequency response
  • V-shaped cabinet to support tweeters improves sensitivity and coverage
  • With premium-quality MDF and durable vinyl wrapping, the enclosure will stand the test of time
  • Precision engineering for optimal power distribution and frequency response
  • Its wave-shaped grille and light-coffee colour scheme give it a stylish look
  • With PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) Technology, the JBL ENTERTAINMENT logo is illuminated, showcasing JBL's commitment to innovation
  • Enhancement of karaoke boxes with sound
  • As a satellite speaker for subwoofers

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