PROEL POWERED PACKAGE PACKAGE 02 2x15" 1200W 12 Channels Karaoke Package


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The powered package 02 from Proel contains the following features:


Its acclaimed V PLUS series is the evolution of PROEL's V series powered loudspeakers that offer exceptional value for money in terms of performance, engineering, and design. At this price point, these portable speakers combine a Class D amplifier with a Switch Mode Power Supply, offering the most accurate and clear PROEL sound available.

V10PLUS, V12PLUS and V15PLUS are equipped with an amplifier module capable of delivering 600 W of robust power to the transducers. With the use of SMPS technology, this power is delivered in a portable package, making the V PLUS the most portable PROEL speaker ever. An aluminum enclosure houses the power module, providing protection, perfect insulation of the cabinet from the outside and extremely effective cooling.


The MQ series of mixers is designed by PROEL to offer high input density, a full set of features, as well as superior audio quality, all in a very compact and stylish package. MQ series comes with 5 models with 6, 10, 12 and 16 inputs, making it suitable for most sound reinforcement applications. MQ mixers are designed and engineered in Italy by PROEL R&D and are housed in ultra-rugged cases that provide maximum durability for stage-proof use.


This mic has a flat and wide frequency response, which makes it ideal for live performances. On stage or in the studio, the cardioid polar pattern isolates the vocals from the background noise. With its high degree of clarity, resistance to feedback, and ability to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion, the DM800 cardioid microphone is the right choice for live or studio use.

2 x 5M XLR Cable (Mixer to Speaker)
3 x 3M XLR Cable (Microphone to Mixer)

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