RODE HS2 Lightweight Omni Directional Headset Microphone


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The Rode's HS2 is a wireless microphone which is a low-profile, ergonomic microphone that produces clean, clear, and pronounced audio for applications like public speaking, lectures, conferences, or anywhere a microphone needs to be close to any presenter's mouth. This microphone incorporates hypoallergenic silicone ear strips and an adjustable, corrosion-resistant stainless spring-steel boom arm and headband for maximum flexibility and comfort. Even better, it is coated in a durable ceramic painted finish in either black or pink to ensure a perfect fit for each individual. A 4' braided and insulated Kevlar strengthened cable connects it to a gold-plated 1/8" TRS mini-jack output connector with a detachable locking nut that ensures a secure connection to a variety of recording equipment and wireless transmitters.

  • Rode HS2 lightweight headset microphone
  • Available in black and pink
  • Mini-furry windshield
  • Pop filter
  • Cable management clip

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