RODE NT-USB MINI Studio-Quality USB Microphone (NTUSB NT USB MINI)


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The Rode's NT-USB MINI is a mini USB microphone that excels in sound quality, dependability, and convenience of use. This microphone can provide a professional quality whether you're recording content on a computer or a tablet, as its capsule is specifically tuned for the spoken word and its structure is tailored to deliver as little handling noise as possible. With the free RODE Connect program, you may also use up to four NT-USB Mini mics with a single Mac/Windows computer and unlock special podcasting features. Even better, it further allows you to record audio directly to your computer over USB, eliminating the need for an audio interface, mixer, or expensive recording gear. Thanks to its cardioid polar pattern which naturally focuses sounds spoken straight into the mic while tamping down any sound to the back or sides, it will do so while minimizing noise in the room.

  • Warmth and presence for a clean, professional sound from a high-quality condenser capsule
  • Directional cardioid pickup pattern optimized to decrease room sound and other unwanted noise
  • A wide range of applications benefit from the smooth frequency response
  • A built-in pop filter helps to reduce plosives
  • Detachable magnetic desk stand that protects against knocks and bumps and is simple to remove
  • A 360-degree swing mount is built in for quick and easy placement on a desk, mic stand, or studio arm
  • Professional headphone amplifier with precise level control and switchable zero-latency monitoring to eliminate irritating echo
  • Class-compliant USB output that works with PCs and tablets without a hitch, and it's simple to use – just plug it in and start recording

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