SHURE BLX1288/P31 Wireless Microphone System


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The Shure's BLX1288/P31 is is a low-cost headset and portable combo wireless microphone system for presenters, performers, professors, or lecturers that delivers high-quality sound, easy to set up, and performs consistently right out of the box. It includes the BLX88 dual-channel desktop receiver with inbuilt antennae, which is perfect for portable use. This BLX1288/P31 bundle includes a bodypack transmitter, a PGA31 cardioid headset mic, and a portable transmitter with an integrated PG58 dynamic cardioid microphone capsule for a versatile solution. The headset provides a secure and comfortable fit for hands-free operation, while the portable microphone is great especially wearing a headset mic is inconvenient for you.

  • PGA31 headset microphone
  • BLX1 bodypack transmitter is sleek and inconspicuous onstage
  • User-friendly, high-performance wireless system
  • The BLX4 receiver is small enough to fit on tables with limited space
  • At high SPLs, the PG58 transmitter delivers clear audio

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