SHURE MV51-DIG-A Large-Diaphragm Cardioid USB Microphone for Computers and iOS Devices


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The Shure's MV51-DIG-A is a USB microphone with style evocative of the legendary Shure SH55 vocal mic and on the inside, high-tech but user-friendly electronics. It produces high-quality audio for on-the-go recording applications utilizing a Mac/Windows computer with its large-diaphragm capsule element, a sturdy all-metal construction, and an inbuilt kickstand compatible with any standard mic stand. The microphone is MFi-certified and can be used to record audio on an iPhone or iPad. Even better, it has a large 1" capsule for clear and detailed audio, as well as a cardioid pickup design that captures sound directly in front of the mic with minimum background noise. Speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument, and loud are all included in the five DSP modes.

  • Vintage-inspired design, all-metal construction
  • Large 1" best-in-class audio microphone capsule
  • The cardioid pickup pattern collects sound that is immediately in front of the microphone
  • Five preset DSP modes (speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument, and loud)
  • For best performance, automatically changes gain, EQ, compression, and limiting
  • DSP mode selection, headphone volume, microphone gain, and mute are all controlled by touch on the front panel
  • Real-time monitoring through the built-in headphone output
  • On any desktop, the integrated rear kickstand allows for optimal orientation
  • Comes with a standard 5/8" nut "-27 thread, which may be used to attach to any microphone stand
  • Cables for USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectivity are included
  • MFi-certified by Apple for direct connection to any iOS device with a lightning port
  • Compatible with Android devices that support USB Audio Class 2.0 and micro-USB OTG (On-The-Go) connectivity—not all Android devices are compatible

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