SHURE PGA52-XLR Instrument Microphone


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The Shure's PGA52-XLR dynamic microphone is ideal for recording kick drums. This microphone is calibrated for a rock-solid low-frequency response, and it'll focus and accurately capture the power of your source. To establish the ideal angle in reference to your sound source, use the convenient swivel joint. Setup and disassembly are a breeze with its handy quick-release clasp. Shure microphones have been used by recording engineers for years, and the PGA52 dynamic mic is a good recording solution at an inexpensive price.

  • Low-frequency response dynamic microphone
  • For kick drums, bass amps, and other bass-heavy sources are ideal
  • For accurate mic positioning, a swivel joint is used
  • For quick setup and disassembly, use the quick-release latch
  • Designed to last

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