SHURE SLX14 Wireless Instrument System


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The Shure's SLX14 is a lavalier wireless microphone system kit with an SXL1 bodypack transmitter, an SLX4 receiver, and an MX150/C lavalier microphone. Between 572 and 596 MHz, the system is tuned to Shure's J3 frequency band. Auto frequency scan is also provided on the SLX system to assist in tuning to the clearest channel available. Even better, the accompanying lavalier mic has a Kevlar-reinforced cable and a cardioid polar pattern. In the same frequency range, the system is compatible with Shure FP series wireless systems.

  • WA302 instrument cable, SLX1 bodypack transmitter, SLX4 diversity receiver
  • There are 12 compatible systems per band
  • Tuning bandwidth of 24 MHz
  • Working bands and professionals with the exceptional clarity
  • Setup is simple and quick.

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