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The Yamaha's AG06 is an analog mixer featuring with 1-TOUCH DSP, which makes use of Yamaha's cutting-edge signal processing technology. COMP/EQ will fine-tune your tone, EFFECT will add ambient reverb, and AMP SIM will offer a classic, warm tube amp sound—all with the press of a button. This mixer is also compatible with both Windows and Mac, provides extra control over 1-TOUCH DSP settings. EASY mode has a basic, straightforward interface, whilst EXPERT mode provides users with more detailed control. Even better, it also enables 192kHz / 24bit quality sound.

  • Controllable studio effects through software
  • The loopback feature allows for simple internet streaming
  • IOS compatibility
  • The AG06 has DSP for compression, EQ, filtering, reverb, and even guitar amp emulation
  • You may fine-tune each effect using the AG DSP
  • Controller software to fit your voice or program content USB audio interface and mixer for webcasting, gaming, and music creation
  • DSP is built-in for EQ, compression, filtering, and reverb
  • For convenient internet streaming, loopback mode combines all inputs and playback channels
  • With D-PRE mic preamps and 24-bit/192kHz resolution, the audio quality is exceptional
  • Get your microphone, guitar, keyboard, and even your gaming headset ready
  • Includes a downloaded version of Cubase Al

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