ZOOM L12 12 Channel Digital Mixer Recorder


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The Zoom's L12 is a digital mixer for you to record a rehearsal, a short demo or, session a great-sounding concert. This mixer can not only record up to 12 individual channels but also can make personalized headphone mixes for up to five band members and produce a polished live mix complete with studio-quality effects. You can finish your production entirely on the L-12 or transfer all 12 separate tracks to your DAW for editing and mixing. The LiveTrak L-12 also works well as a 14-in/4-out USB audio interface for your MacPC or iOS device.

  • 12 Distinct channels (8 mono and 2 stereos) with XLR or 1/4-inch connectors
  • 14-track recording at the same time, 12-track playback
  • USB audio interface connection 14-in/4-out
  • 5 Powered headphones outputs, each having a user-selectable and saveable mix
  • Add computer-generated backing/click tracks to your live mix and recording
  • RCA and TRS line inputs are available
  • Phantom power of 48 volts (channels 1-4 and 5-8)
  • High-speed connectivity (channels 1 and 2)
  • Pad of 26 dB (channels 3-8)
  • Compression control is included in (Channels 1-8)
  • -48 dB to -0 dB digital level meters
  • Mute master button
  • Control of the low-cut
  • Stereo panning
  • Outputs for the Master and Monitor A-E
  • Scene saving function, up to 9 scenes can be saved at once
  • There are 16 built-in delay and reverb effects with variable parameters
  • Built-in slate microphone
  • Mode that is class-compliant (for iOS compatibility)
  • SD card reader
  • Integrated metronome
  • Capability to start/stop recording automatically
  • Project safeguarding
  • With a USB 2.0 host port, you may import and export projects
  • A-to-D conversion latency adjustment
  • Functions compatible with the ZOOM FS01 footswitch

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