ZOOM L20R 20 Channel Digital Mixer Recorder


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The Zoom's L20R is a digital mixer for simple to record a practice, generating a quick demo, or creating a great-sounding concert recording. This mixer allows you to record up to 22 individual channels on an SD card, provides bespoke headphone mixes for up to six band members, and produces a polished live mix with studio-quality effects. You can finish your production in the box or transfer all 20 individual tracks to your DAW for editing and mixing using the L-20R. In addition, the L-20R can be used as a reliable 22-in/4-out USB audio interface for your Mac, PC, or iOS device. In addition, the LiveTrak L-20R is compatible with Zoom's Remote Mixer app, which allows a FOH engineer and six musicians to control their own mix from an iPad.

  • With XLR or 14-inch connector, there are 20 distinct channels (16 mono and 2 stereo)
  • Simultaneous recording of 22 tracks and playback of 20 tracks
  • USB audio interface with 22-in/4-out connectivity
  • SD card recording up to 24bit/96kHz audio
  • Compression control built-in (Channels 1-16)
  • There are six monitor outputs that can be customised in addition to the main outputs
  • Sound engineer has a dedicated headphone output
  • Up to 9 scenes can be saved at a time using the scene storing feature
  • With configurable parameters, there are 20 built-in chorus, delay, and reverb effects
  • Compatible with the iPad app Remote Mixer

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