SHURE BETA 57A Instrument Microphone


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The Shure's BETA 57A is a an instrument microphone ideal for acoustic and electric instruments, as well as voices, and gives excellent warmth and presence. Throughout its frequency range, the Shure Beta 57A retains a true supercardioid pattern. This microphone maximum isolation from external sound sources and little off-axis tone coloration, as well as high gain before feedback. It also features a completely new grille design that allows you to maximise the proximity effect. The Shure Beta 57A is a microphone that can be used in a variety of situations. Drums, guitar amplifiers, brass, woodwinds, and vocalists are examples of typical usage.

  • Drums, guitars, vocals, and horns have studio-quality sound with its tailored frequency response
  • High gain-before-feedback and improved rejection of off-axis sound with a uniform supercardioid pattern
  • Hardened steel mesh grille that allows for the application of the proximity effect while also resisting wear and tear
  • For a high signal-to-noise ratio output, a neodymium magnet is used
  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that reduces mechanical noise and vibration transmission
  • 50 to 16,000 Hz frequency response

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