SHURE SM94-LC Instrument Microphone


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The Shure's SM94-LC is an instrument microphone designed for professional musicians and sound engineers' instrument miking needs in both live performance and sound recording. It has a smooth, flat frequency response with no presence peak or low-frequency roll-off, making it ideal for all types of musical instruments. The SM94 microphone is equally at ease in sound reinforcement systems, sound studios, and film and television scoring stages. The SM94 can be utilized by vocalists and speech-makers who want a wide, flat response with minimal coloring when using the optional wind-screen.

  • Ideal for live amplified and acoustic instruments, this sensitive mic has a wide, flat response
  • Stringed instruments, woodwinds, and cymbals are all extremely well-suited for replication
  • The use of an AA battery or phantom power Internal shock absorber a broad dynamic range
  • Frequency response that is smooth and flat
  • Condenser cardioid uniform
  • 40 to 16,000 Hz frequency response

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