SHURE BETA 98AD/C Clip On Miniature Cardioid Condenser Microphone


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The Shure's BETA 98AD/C instrument microphone is perfect for you. The Beta 98AD/small C's size makes it ideal for circumstances where a full-sized mic would be too big - yet it doesn't sacrifice excellent, accurate sound. The Beta 98AD/cardioid C's pickup pattern keeps undesired outside noises at bay, and the supplied drum mount and flexible gooseneck make mounting it on toms, snares, and other percussion instruments a breeze. This microphone is exceptionally ideal for the stage as well as the studio!

  • Electret Condenser is a type of electronic condenser
  • Frequency 20Hz-20kHz (response)
  • Polarization pattern: Cardioid 179 ohms output impedance
  • -48.0 dBV/Pa sensitivity (at 1kHz, open circuit voltage) (4.0 mV)
  • SPL maximum (1kHz at 1 percent THD) 144dB at 1,000 ohm load
  • 64dB Dynamic Range (referenced at 94dB SPL at 1kHz)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (at 1kHz) 114dB at 1,000 ohms
  • Typical Mode >50 dB rejection (20Hz-20kHz)
  • 1,000 ohm load: 1.0dBV clipping level (1kHz @ 0.25 percent THD) (1.26V)
  • 30dB self noise (average, equivalent SPL, A-weighted) SPL
  • Positive pressure on the diaphragm results in a positive voltage on pin 2 when compared to pin 3. 0.6 oz
  • Weight 3-pin XLR male, balanced connector
  • Phantom power (from 11 to 52 volts) is required

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