SHURE BETA 98H/C Cardioid Instrument Clip On Condenser Microphone


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The Shure's BETA 98H/C is a instrument microphone while recording. You get a smooth sound that's precise enough to be dazzling yet soft enough to be tamed into the warm glow that most modern music necessitates. This microphone can be clipped to the bell of almost any horn and some woodwinds, and a gooseneck extension allows you to position the mic's capsule just at the sweet spot of the instrument. For percussion and some stringed instruments, the Beta 98H/C is a superb choice. You'll find yourself using the Beta 98H/C on a variety of instruments once you have one.

  • Included is a 10-foot high-flex cable with an attached preamplifier (XLR connector)
  • Designed with brass, woodwinds, and percussion in mind
  • Clip-on clamp with a flexible integrated gooseneck for a secure fit and precise positioning
  • There is no need for external mounting hardware
  • Phantom power of +48V is required

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