SHURE PGA-DRUMKIT7 7 Piece Drum Microphone Kit


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The Shure's PGA-DRUMKIT7 drum microphone kit is a comprehensive set of high-quality microphones that is designed to deliver great sound for full drum kit performance and recording. One PGA52 kick drum microphone, three PGA56 drum microphones, one PGA57 instrument microphone, and two PGA81 instrument microphones, as well as three drum mounts, seven XLR-XLR cables, and a carrying box, are included in the PGADRUMKIT7.

  • 1 x PGA52 Cardioid dynamic kick drum microphone
  • 3 x PGA56 Cardioid dynamic snare/tom microphones
  • 1 x PGA57 Cardioid dynamic instrument microphones
  • 2 x PGA81 Cardioid condenser instrument microphones
  • 3 x A25D Break-resistant microphone clip
  • 3 x AP56DM Break-resistant drum rim mounts
  • 7 x XLR-XLR cables (4.6m)
  • Comes in a zippered carrying case

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