SHURE PGA-STUDIOKIT4 4 Piece Studio Microphone Kit


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The Shure's PGA-STUDIOKIT4 is a versatile collection of high-quality microphones designed for recording and live performance of both amplified and acoustic instruments. The microphone used for the PGASTUDIOKIT4 offers a wide range of options for most recording applications. One PGA52 drum microphone, one PGA57 instrument microphone, and two PGA181 side-address microphones are included in the STUDIOKIT4, together with four XLR-XLR cables and a carrying box.

  • 4-piece mic package with Shure PGA52, Shure PGA57, 2 x Shure PGA181, 3 x clips, 4 x cables, and case
  • Shure PGA52 is ideal for kick drum, bass amps, and other bass-heavy sources
  • The Shure PGA57 is ideal for sound sources that are harmonically rich and have a strong SPL
  • Shure PGA181 microphones are excellent for vocalists, acoustic instruments, percussion, amplifiers, and other applications
  • Shure A25D and WA371 mic clips feature break-resistant plastic construction
  • Enough XLR cables to connect the microphones
  • Comes with a case

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