SUPERLUX HD661 Closed Back Headphone


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The Superlux's HD661 is an audio monitoring headphone for professionals. Its architecture is ideal for real-time performance monitoring. It is also suitable for usage in recording studios and television. Even in high-noise conditions or for outdoor live recording, the closed earmuffs provide outstanding sound protection. Its balanced and fidelity sound performance, as well as its clear and non-detailed sound performance, aid expert sound engineers in locating sound issues during monitoring. Furthermore, its innovative self-adjusting head cushion structure and soft earmuffs give a high level of comfort.

  • Neodymium 40mm drivers with high resolution
  • Closed-back dynamic design
  • Attenuation of noise is excellent
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Headband pads that are comfortable and self-adjust
  • Single-ear monitoring with a rotating ear pad
  • Single-sided cables that are detachable
  • Design is light in weight

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