SUPERLUX HD681 Headphones


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The Superlux's HD681 is audio monitoring which in appearance and sound is quite similar to the HD 668B. They're a little more comfortable because of the altered headband design, which isn't as tight around the head. This headphone also sound better than many more expensive headphones, but they're not as adaptable. They're bulky, don't block much noise, and leak quite a bit, so they're best utilized in isolation.

  • Accurate and detailed sound improves your listening experience significantly
  • Extremely high efficiency and a large dynamic range
  • Durable design allows it to be twisted and used as a single-ear headset
  • Self-adjusting headband for a perfect fit and optimum comfort
  • Single-sided, straight cable
  • Excellent quality and value
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, suitable for exhibitions and storage
  • Deep low frequency "on stage" sound, ideal for appreciating the beauty of classical music and other huge groups

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