SUPERLUX HD681B Headphone


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The Superlux's HD681B is an audio monitoring headphone that puts you in the front row, while the HD681B puts you in the middle of the music hall, with a deep, rich sound. This headphone is also very well balanced and clear. Even better, it is also extremely comfortable due to its ergonomically designed vinyl earpieces and lightweight, self-adjusting headband.

  • Sound that is accurately and detailed considerably improves your listening experience
  • High efficacy and a broad dynamic range
  • With its tough design, it may be twisted and used as a single ear headphone
  • Headband that self-adjusts for a perfect fit and optimal comfort
  • Straight, single-sided cable
  • Excellent value and quality
  • Packaging that is environmentally sustainable
  • Suitable for exhibits, and simple to store

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