PA System for Factory


What is PA System?

PA System, also known as public address system is an acoustic system to deliver delightful sound experiences to audiences. It is commonly used in huge avenue as to be audible from a long distance or over a big area such as concert halls, stadium and vice versa. Microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and loudspeakers are all part of this on-stage system.

How to choose a suitable PA System?

There are numerous factors to consider while determining the appropriate use of a PA System. To know which PA System is the most idealistic, LTO focused on understanding on:

  • What you’ll be using the PA for,
  • Where you will be using it,
  • The size of the audience, and
  • Your budget too. 

You are recommended to check out on LTO’s PA Speaker, PA Mixer Amplifiers, and PA Accessories while operating a spacious venue. Our suggestion to small venues is always Portable PA System due to its features of relatively small size and compact design for conveniency transportation. Search for Portable PA System Package if you are looking for an easy setup and all-in-one loudspeaker bundle.


In factory, PA System would be your full bells and whistles system in terms of Portable PA. LTO offered a proximately 100V high impedance PA System. It contains of PA Speaker, PA Mixer Amplifier and PA Accessories. We trusted a specialized PA System is an essential part for factory day-to-day operations. It has a crucial role to deliver announcements, news, staff paging, and speech to your workers. This system also worked to deliver an ideal music experience to everyone for creating a positive and relaxing working atmosphere. PA System is therefore important to get along the day spirits. Let's take a closer look at how each PA System performed in the factory production.


PA Speaker is designed to deliver the most powerful and full range audio output. In factory, bay and packing areas can be filled with wall speakers, while the larger open areas can be filled with pendant and horn speakers. Wall speakers, such as JBL CONTROL Series are exceptionally suitable to install in factory with its features of visibly invisible, space saving and allowing to create the surround sound feeling. The pendant speaker and horn speakers from JBL also been a practical solution to provide high quality audio experiences in open locations where traditional ceiling mount speakers are ineffective. These two speakers would be perfect for providing background voice and music in a range of factory contexts and spaces. Looking for more? You will also have the option to choose for a powered and passive speaker too! LTO suggested to view on powered speaker as their crossover architecture allows the designer significantly more control over the signal and is far less prone to losses and distortion. Check out PA Speaker with our JBL carried brand for more details. 

Wall Speaker: JBL CONTROL Ceiling Series Pendant Speaker: JBL CONTROL Pendant Series
Horn Speaker: JBL CSS Horn Series Powered Speaker: JBL CONTROL Powered Series


Powered Mixer and Digital Mixer are commonly referred to as Mixer Amplifiers in PA System. It is designed to combine the input signals received from microphones and thereafter sent to the speakers for output jacks. PA Mixer Amplifier often be used when the sound comes from separate microphones to direct into a single set of speakers. LTO highly recommended to use a PA Mixer Amplifier for amplification to boost for a higher voltage on a factory line. With the built-in effects, you could enjoy the vocal clarity by simply turning on the power, making operation more convenient and easier throughout the factory complex. Check out on Minkez and JBL if you are eyeing for a PA Mixer Amplifier!

Digital Mixer: Minkez MA Digital Series Powered Mixer: JBL VMA Commercial Series


PA Accessories including voice evacuation system, megaphones, and audio signal processors. Voice evacuation system is exceptionally important to use in factory for fire or emergency situation. You can alert your workers to leave the building when there is a serious incident. You can also use megaphones for magnifying or directing the voice to all workers over the long distance. For digital delay, our suggestion to address in the factory whereby the audio signal processors. It is suitable because it allows to delay the arrival of sound from each and every speaker. Consequently, all of your workers could listen clearly on every announcement at the exact same time even at the different factory corner, turning into effective working productivity.

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