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Get Your Masjid's Best Comprehensive Sound Solution

Is your Azan achieving the desired distance and clarity? It is crucial that everyone inside the mosque can hear the Imam's lessons and prayers. However, is your masjid and mosque' PA System is well constructed?  If you're dissatisfied with your mosque's present sound system, it might be time to upgrade. 

In truth, a sound system should be well installed according to the structure and acoustic features of mosque. Minkez mosque sound system is perfect for you! LTO highly recommended Minkez due to it project sound clearly and without feedback, are available in sizes that do not detract from the grandeur of a mosque. Even better, it is easy to set up and convenient to use. We can provide you the most ideal solution, the best, high-quality sound system upon your demands. 

How to Set Up A Mosque Sound System?

First Step:  Select The Right Microphones

You'll probably want a dynamic microphone with high sound pressure levels for music performances in your mosque. A high SPL can help to prevent transient sounds and pops caused by stage movement. You can also link amplifier microphones from instruments straight to speakers. This option allows a  with a single instrument to rapidly set up their sound system in a small venue without the need for additional equipment.

Second Step: Choose the Right Mixer for Your Sound System

An audio mixer with various inputs is linked to the microphones. The amount of inputs and channels offered by an audio mixer are the most significant factors to consider when selecting one for your PA system. LTO suggested you to view on digital mixers. Digital mixers typically include additional equalizer and effects options, as well as the ability to save your settings for later use, saving time when setting up your sound system for different performances or worship teams and leaders.

Third Step: Link to Speakers & Monitors

In mosque, the audio mixer must transmit sound by monitors or speakers. Instead, the speakers may require a power amplifiers. The best audio mixers, on the other hand, use power amplifiers to help reduce the quantity of gear on stage. In addition to the loudspeakers, there may be monitors on the stage for the artists to hear themselves. These monitors are often attached to the mixer's auxiliary outputs.

Forth Step: Planning for Setting Up

Finally, putting together a quality sound system is not always simple. There are other things to consider, such as the size of the mosque, the number of performers, and the sort of performance. You must assess your requirements for each occasion. You are now prepared to begin sound checks. Remember that setting up this equipment can take several hours, especially for inexperienced users. Make sure you give yourself adequate time before each event to test your connections. Contact LTO is you need any assistance!

The Solution

For masjid and mosque, LTO recommended you to view on Minkez PA System Package 05 & Minkez PA System 06. Both of this package is especially designed for the mosque and masjid use. It included horn speaker and an digital amplifier, and most importantly, come with affordable price. The sturdy and wide-frequency range polyimide diaphragms of the horn speakers at the minaret disseminate the powerful Azan over a larger area. The digital amplifier, on the others hand, included a USB and SD card interface, an integrated MP3 player module with automatic priority playing audio, and a digital screen that can display the current USB track. View on Minkez is you are looking for more details! 


The MINKEZ's MHS-R50V is a speaker with great performance and high quality components. This public address system has met the standard of IP66 Dustproof and Waterproof that allows produces high-quality sound broadcasts with exceptional clarity not just indoors, but also in semi-outdoor facilities like multistory parking complexes and even outdoor applications like playgrounds or theme parks. Besides, this speaker also comes with a mounting bracket that can easily be fixed by screw to the wall, pole, and ceiling-mount applications. 


The MINKEZ's MA-240V is a digital power amplifier with lightweight and beautiful appearance. This public address system is suitable for small and medium-sized indoor venues such as small and medium-sized supermarkets, shopping malls, and leisure cafés. MA-240V supports MP3 / TUNER / BLUETOOTH remote control, with a control distance of up to 8 meters when using the remote. Besides that, a USB and SD card interface, an integrated MP3 player module with automatic priority playing audio, and a digital screen that can display the current USB track being played are included. MA-240V also provides 1 channel EMC input, 2 channels AUX input, and 4 channels MIC input. Each input has its own volume control, and the total volume may be adjusted for treble and bass with the volume control function. Even better, the wide voltage supply can work normally from 180V to 240 V.



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