PA System for Hypermarket and Shopping Complex


LTO is now introducing on the PA System on top of hypermarket and shopping complex’s need. Whether you are working in the inner line or as a customer, a good working and shopping experiences is always what we focused on. Installing a good sound system is crucial, from background music to intercom messaging purpose, PA System will be an ideal choice to look for. If you are searching for a PA System for your store, you are in the right place! LTO will guide you along the way to dive deep into this must-have store inclusion.

Why PA System is important for hypermarket and shopping complex?

A good PA System allows to enhance a pleasant shopping and working experience to all customers and workers at a satisfactory level. With the proper installation of a professionally constructed sound system, the soothing music can be dedicated even customers may not realize music is playing in the background. Alternatively, a silence awkward situation can be occurred when there is no background sound over the entire buildings.

Research paper published in 1982 by Sage has addressed the benefits of music on the retail performances. Findings have found the tempo of instrumental background music can have a considerable impact on both in-store traffic flow and customer daily gross sales volume. Particularly, they concluded an average of 38.2% increase in sales volume. Even this research is long outdated, the notion is still relevant. LTO therefore trusted a PA with suitable music system could significantly keep the customer in your store longer as it should while motivating them as loyal customers.

Rather than the increasement total sales, the addressing of PA System also has a crucial role to improve the working productivity. It allowed an effective and time saving communication between workers even they are working in a different area. Customers could receive an important announcement within seconds when there is any new offers or emergency situation. For foreseen, customers and employees will both enjoy the convenience brought upon by the PA System. More importantly, it does encourage the clientele to stay longer and spend more money in the long run. So let’s choose a PA System with LTO for such a win-win situation!

Our Solution

To select the best PA for your hypermarket and shopping complex, LTO critically focused to examine all aspects of your store's environment when designing a system that best meets your supermarket's needs. Generally, PA System is included of PA Speaker, PA Mixer Amplifier and PA Accessories. Interested? Here are our suggestion for you to choose a right PA for your store!

1) PA Speaker

If you are searching a PA Powered Speaker for your market stage,  Proel Powered Package 01 & 02 will be a great options. This package acclaimed V series, delivering absolute value in terms of performance. It contained PROEL V12 Powered Speaker, MQ12USB Mixer, DM800 Microphone Kit, 5M XLR Cable & 3M XLR Cable. It is a valuable package which comes with an affordable price. For different output, you can either choose for 12- channels or 15 channels package. With the use of SMPS technology, this power is delivered in a portable package, making the V PLUS the most speaker ever. Visits Proel Powered Package 01 and Powered Package 02 for more details! 

2) PA Paging Microphone

Looking for a microphone at your control room? No worries! LTO are ready to introduce some options to you. We highly recommended you to view on Minkez’s GM-13CN paging microphone. This incredibly sturdy all metal microphone is built to control up to 300 zones with 30 paging selectors T-6212 (A). It could keep customers and employees informed with its perfect heavy-duty features. You can connect up to 16 microphones at once to the RJ45 port. It further has a frequency response of 100 Hz – 15 K Hz. Visit Minkez’s GM-13CN to find out more!

Paging Microphone: Minkez GM-13CN

Minkez’s GM-13 paging gooseneck microphone will be another ideal choice for you. This microphone has a 48V phantom power and comes with 20 Hz – 18K Hz frequency response. You can place it at the customer service desk, allow to use for commercial paging, intercom, monitoring, and basic live paging messages to be fed to the entire store in a simplest and quickest way. It is also designed with a modern electronic switch and dark metal grill design. Visit Minkez’s GM-13 to find out more!

Paging Speaker: Minkez GM13

3) PA Mixer Amplifier 

Digital Mixer is commonly referred to as Mixer Amplifiers in PA System. It is designed to combine the input signals received from microphones and thereafter sent to the speakers for output jacks. To boost for a higher voltage, LTO suggest you to view on Minkez’s MA Series. It contains of MA-120V, MA-240V and MA-500V. You can choose your PA based on the output power. This series also supports MP3 / Tuner / Bluetooth and has 1 EMC input channel, 2 AUX input channels, and 4 MIC input channels. Even better, each and every mixer amplifier also has a bell and alarm audio sources that can be triggered remotely. Visits Minkez’s MA-120V, MA-240V and MA-500V to find out more!

Digital PA Mixer Amplifier:  Minkez MA Series

4) Fire Detection System 

When there is an emergency situation in your hypermarket and shopping center, Fire Detection Systems are designed to detect in time for the occupants to be evacuated safely. By detecting the fire early, property loss can be reduced and operational downtime can be minimized. Alarm systems give emergency responders information about where the fire is, helping to expedite the fire control efforts.

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