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Wanted to motivate students, boost academics, and engage visitors? It’s time to select a PA System with LTO to make the boring academics more interacting! From the morning bell to the assembly, school often requires a PA System for alerting, notifying and informing the daily activities. LTO has been cooperating with a variety of PA brands such as Alto, Behringer, Electro Voice, JBL and etc to offer a small, medium and large loudspeaker system. Lets’ together have a view on this article to find out how we do this!

What we can offer?

1) Classroom & Lecture 


In Malaysia, students averagely spend around 7 hours a day in the classroom - this is why engaging your students is so crucial. In a classroom setting, LTO offered PA System included of ceiling mount speaker, projector and projector brackets.

If you want to free of clutter, the ceiling speaker is a space-saver option. It could give your students detailed sound output, and they can receive the bell ring and announcement clearly even at the corners. Most importantly, this speaker is with affordable price! For displaying signage, LTO further suggest you to install a projector in each classroom. It could improve the teachers-students interaction by visualizing the teaching content in a colorful and animated way. You can also view on projectors mounts with LTO to securely attach your projector. Visits JBL and Minkez for more details!

Suggested model:

JBL CONTROL Ceiling Speaker Minkez Manual Projector Minkez PB Wall Mount Projector

2) Small Event 

To organize a small event, a Portable PA System and wireless microphone will definitely fulfill what you need. The PA System is suitable for school events such as singing and poetry competition or carnival. By using the PA, all of the visitors can hear clearly without struggling to hear from the presenter. You can also choose to install these PA at your conferencing room.

For Portable PA System, our suggestion is Proel’s FREEPASS10USB. This all-in-one sound system is included with a mixer, MP3 player, CLASS D amplifier, two full-range speakers and high-quality connection cables. It is compact in size, simple to set up and use, packs quite a few features and delivers an unexpected level of sound quality. We also recommend you to consider on Shure's BLX Wireless Microphone Series. By using wireless microphones, the presenters can go anywhere without any cable hindrance, as well as with high convenience and flexibility. Let’s visit Proel and Shure for more details!

Suggested Model:

3) Hall & Stage 

Schools and university often use hall and stage for organizing the weekly assembly, community events as well as similar gathering purpose. In this large gathering venue, PA System often has a crucial role. A high-quality sound field can be ensured by the installation of PA, the presenter’s voice is heard evenly throughout entire halls, eliminating strain on their voice and allowing to move in any direction without the risk of repetition.

Our suggestion to install in the hall or stage included of powered speaker, paging microphone and power amplifier. You are advised to install a powered speaker for mid and high range sound output, allow the speaker to get louder and generate a crisper, more balanced sound. Proel's V Series is one of the options. LTO also recommends you to keep eyes on the Minkez GM-13C. This microphone could manage 30 paging selectors T-6212 (A), up to 300 zones. For power amplifiers, you can further view on Minkez MA Series for delivering up to 500W tremendous power.

Suggested Model:

Proel V Series Minkez GM-13C Minkez MA Series

4) Field

Field speaker is important to motivate the runners and your students. You can clearly deliver the announcements throughout the installation of PA System. You can also play music to warm up your athletes emotion. Let see what LTO will suggest you when choosing a PA System for field. 

For field PA System, LTO suggested you to eyeshot on horn speaker and array speaker system. Horn speaker, such as JBL CSS Horn Speaker Series is exceptionally suitable to be used in the field with its features of great acoustic power from the driver. You can use the horn speaker to manage students discipline over a large field. Wanted a to generate a liner sound source? Array speaker system will definitely a great purchase. In a line array, the speakers are angled slightly differently vertical, allows to consistently cover a wider area than can a single PA speaker. We trusted both of these PA could make the event more enjoyable. Visits JBL and Proel for more details!


Suggested Model:

JBL CSS Horn Speaker Series Proel SESSION Array Speaker Series


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